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Today I’ve met this young lady and gave her all the presents you’d sent to me! She didn’t see them all yet, bcz as you can see in the picture I put some stuff you’d sent me in the box and she said she will look at the box after classes in the evening. But she was very happy to receive all these presents! We did a great job all together! We made her smile and laugh ;)
She said that her leg is better, but she is wearing a special support for her leg, and she can’t bent it yet, I mean she can bent a little bit like about 45 degrees, but it’s still painful to bent it to 90 and she is not allowed to do it yet. What else…she is having exams month now (and so do I), so you can wish her luck :) on the whole, she is doing fine, she is in a very good and positive mood.
And after I showed her how much the whole world loves her she is even more happy. She said me: “I’m sure I can recover”.

Nastya Grishina’s petition

Hello gymternet, I was wondering if you could let me know some subjects about sport and health you’d be interested in reading, if you can, then please let me know. You see, Nastya said she’s going to help a friend of hers with a journalism website and she’ll be in charge of the “Sport and Health” section (at least that’s what I could understand, I’m still not quite good at russian sorry), so I thought it’d be a good idea to ask you all. Thank you all for reading and your help.

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