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Anastasia Grishina update 15.04.2014

  • She wrote it in her fan-group this morning :


  • German doctor said that everything is much better than she was told in Penza. But he said that she still has problems with kneecap (patella?) and ligaments in her knee. Therefore she needs a surgery and they will do it NEXT Wednesday (because there is an Easter this week in Germany).

  • What's more, German doctor said that she can't jump and do any acrobatics only for 3 month while Russian doctor in Penza said much more. This is a good thing)

Anastasia Grishina update

  • She's on the Round lake now and tomorrow she's going to Germany. There will be a new full check of her knee and only then German doctors will decide what to do with it...

  • I'll try to keep in touch with her through her fan-group or private massages in VK (if she has wifi in hospital) or sell-phone (but this's very expensive, there's a possibility she won't answer) and if I know smthing else, I'll tell you!


Russian National Championships 2014 Team Finals 

It’s not full, the stream died a couple of times :(

Nabvieva UB at 08:25

Spiridonova BB at 14:24

Mustafina BB at 19:06

Grishina BB at 24:09

Kramarenko BB at 32:28

Nabvieva BB at 35:54

Grishina injured at 40:22

Komova UB at 43:24

Mustafina FX at 53:30

Anastasia Grishina

  • Nastia wrote me a message that there is no certain diagnose yet, but "doctors said it's something with copulas. But all bones are solid!"

  • She also wrote "I didn't broke the knee itself, but there is definitely smthing bad with copulas and probably with meniscus".

  • She'll write me all the information when she'll know more, doctors haven't made all the checks yet.

  • And that's what she wrote in VK in one of the fan groups:

    she's in the hospital with plaster cast now and MRI will be done in/within/during next 24 hours.

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